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Amarjit S Jhutty, MSc, BSc, CEng, FIET, MIoD

Amarjit has over thirty years global experience in power systems including grid connection, power system planning, design, analysis, privatisation, regulation, restructuring and project management. Power systems include solar PV generation, wind farms, transmission, distribution, data centres, ac/dc railway systems, industrial and commercial systems.

He has led planning/design teams in many countries involving system studies, design, technical due diligence, transaction advice & agreements, failure investigations, testing, commissioning, measurements and power quality. Joint author of several technical papers including those presented at international conferences.

He was Chairman of IET’s Professional Network on Power System Equipment. Previously with GEC at Stafford, CEGB (now NG) in London and PB Power/WSP (Divisional Director) and London Power Associates (Managing Director).

Peter Bradshaw, BSc, CEng, MIET

Peter has over 35 years of global experience in a wide variety of transmission, distribution and generation studies and projects including front-end design of major facilities. Managed and participated in studies for major lending institutions. Experienced in construction and commissioning, design and manufacturing. Extensive experience with substation design for National Grid Southwest Alliance involving 132 kV/275 kV and 400 kV.

Extensive power systems analysis experience for both industrial and national networks in UK and overseas. Experienced in both steady state and dynamic analysis of transmission systems. Recent relevant experience includes studies in Qatar and Oman. Previously a Group Head with London Power Associates Ltd and Electrowatt-Ekono Ltd., EwbankPreece, CAPC Zambia and Brush Electrical Engineering.

Chandra M Trikha, MBE, MTech, BE, CEng, MIET

Chandra has over forty years experience in the electricity industry, business performance, privatisation, regulations, business restructuring, asset management, grid connection, electricity networks planning, design, analysis, data centres, managing contractors and project management.

Chandra has led projects to increase efficiency and productivity and has led planning/design teams involving system studies, design, technical due diligence, transaction advice and agreements, failure investigations, testing, commissioning, measurements and power quality.

He was Chairman of Scottish Grid Code Review Panel, Member of GB Grid Code, Member of GB Distribution Code Review Panel, Member of GB SQSS for onshore and offshore networks.

Indy Sokhey BSc Eng (Hons) MSc PhD DIC CEng MIET

Dr Indy Sokhey has over 30 years experience in progressively responsible positions in broad portfolio of Electrical Power Industry and has held leadership positions in large multi-national utilities – National Grid, Scottish and Southern Energy. He has held responsibility for delivering large asset replacement programs, developed engineering standards, asset strategies, policies and procedures in design management, asset protection, protection settings, commissioning and project management.

He has extensive experience in leading project design teams on complex National Grid capital transmission projects whilst undertaking various roles -engineering assurance, detailed design, protection settings and advanced commissioning officer. He has represented National Grid Working Group on the harmonisation of European Codes into the GB Code on the Electricity Networks and Futures Group, Requirements for Generators (RfG) and Implementation and System Operability Framework (SOF) Group. He has published numerous technical papers at International Conferences hosted by IET and IEEE.

Fabian Meazzo, BSc Eng, CEng, MIET

Fabian Meazzo, BSc Eng, CEng, MIET

Fabian has over 24 years experience in power systems and specialises in design and specification of medium & high voltage substations. He has also provided technical design review / assurance and support during the manufacturing, construction, testing & commissioning phases on many large projects. His recent experience has been on large data centre projects in Europe.

He also has extensive experience in design and specification of medium & high voltage cabling and routing.  He has carried out power system modelling and studiesfor many projects and is conversant with using the DIgSILENT and NEPLAN software.  Also proficient in the use of AutoCAD.

Other areas of experience include distributed generation grid connections, substation earthing systems, and failure investigations.

Nicholas Tang, BEng, MSc.(Eng), CEng, MIET

Nicholas Tang, BEng, MSc.(Eng), CEng, MIET

Nicholas has over 15 years of experience within power system design, protection & control, system studies and system planning up to 220 kV. Lead designer on multiple utility grid substation and EHV cable reinforcement projects as well as 132 / 150 / 220 kV renewable and data centres new connection projects, in the UK and overseas.

He has provided consultancy services for DNOs in the UK including SSEN, UKPN and NPG, delivering system designs and analysis for traditional reinforcement projects and flexible connections providing reactive power and frequency support the network operators.Proficient in carrying out protection and control design and setting calculation for distribution and transmission customers. Knowledge and experienced in power system analysis, fault calculation and protection settings calculation. Experienced in using electricity network modelling tools such as PSS/e, SKM PTW, IPSA, DiGSILENT& EMTP-ATP etc.

Matthew Gordon, MEng (Hons), CEng, MIET

Matthew Gordon, MEng (Hons), CEng, MIET

Matthew has over 12 years of experience specialising in System Planning and Design for network reinforcement, asset replacement and new connections. Providing customers with technical support and engineering guidance from project initiation through to energisation and completion. Significant experience of system integration for renewable generation, industrial loads, data centres, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Electric Vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps. This focussed on the network/system design and deployment of Active Network Management (ANM) and flexibility services, including power systems studies and cost benefit analysis for the connection and network reinforcement options at voltages from LV up to 132 kV.

He has UK and overseas experience in the planning and design of electricity networks from LV up to 132 kV, working with local electricity companies: system studies, design and documentation of justifications against local regulation and standards. Including interaction with use of system charging, regulation, and legal teams. More recently he has been involved in schemes focussing on Net Zero Strategy and the connection of Low Carbon Technology (LCT) and renewable generation within UK DNOs as they develop their future investment and reinforcement schemes for their Regulatory Submissions and Whole System strategies.

Hui Yi Heng, BEng (Hons), PhD, MIET

Hui Yi Heng, BEng (Hons), PhD, MIET

Hui Yi has over 14 years of experience specialising in System Planning for network reinforcement, asset replacement and new connections. She has substantial knowledge of statutory, regulatory and licence requirements, industry-wide codes, network and engineering standards. More recently she has been involved in developing security of supply standards, planning standards for networks from LV to 132 kV, whole system cost benefit analysis (CBA), and DNO decision making procedures to incorporate flexible solutions into business as usual.

She also specialises in Use of System Charging for UK distribution network and has extensive experience in EHV Distribution Charging Methodology (EDCM), Common Distribution Charging Methodology (CDCM) and Line Loss Factor (LLF) studies.

Other areas of experience include demand forecasting, network investment management and energy market. Published technical journal and papers at international conferences hosted by IET and IEEE.